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  Where to stay in Krapets (Krapetz), Bulgaria

Villa "Varna"

Villa "Varna" is situated at the main street of the village of Krapetz, just 100m from the Black Sea coast, and about a 1,5 km from the sandy dunes between Krapetz and Durankulak. The village is situated about 15 km from the Romanian border (3h drive from Bucharest) and 80 km from Varna.  The owner of the villa offers accomodation at:

  • 2 bedrooms with three beds and en-suite bathroom at second floor
  • 1 bedroom with two beds and en-suite bathroom at third floor
  • 1 bedroom with four beds and en-suite bathroom at third floor

Each room has air condintioner, minibar, wireless Internet, TV set with satellite TV, and views to the Sea.

Prices are between 15 and 25 Bulgarian leva (8 -13 Euro) per bed.

For information and reservations call Maria at +359 888 246118

Pets are not allowed in Villa Varna

  Photos from villa Varna at Krapetz, Bulgaria


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