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Krapets (Krapec) gallery - photos from Bulgarian seaside  

The Beach at the evening Desert beach Beach near Durankulak Lake Windsurfer
The Beach at the evening The Beach at the spring loooks deserted The beach in front of Durankulak lake Windsurfer
Undeveloped sand
  The dunes near the village   The sea near Krapets is remarkably undeveloped
Sunset over the beach near Krapets The scenery near the beach is amazing A Lady-bird on the sand Cormoran colony near the lake
    Beach near Krapets covered with clam shells A view to camping Durankoulak and Romania
  Kitesurfing is very popular here The old lighthouse near the beach Sheep grazing among the dunes
  A clump of rushes laying on the beach Huge waves  
A boat just sails off to the sea Small crab is trying to hide itself Peaceful sands The dunes looks wild
Strange colored goats roaming in the sands A view to Dourankoulak and Romanian seaside    
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