Beaches of Krapets

There are hardly any people in Bulgaria who haven’t heard of the beaches of Krapets. Although the municipality of Shabla owns about 22% of all the beaches on our Black Sea coast, the beach north of Krapets stretching in front of the former Karvuna camping and Durankulak Lake is distinctive for the region. It starts from Cape Krapets and is more than 7 kilometres long reaching to Camping Kosmos and Cape Kartalburun.

Krapets North

The beach is not urbanized and very clean, being distinguished by its endless sand dunes and wide strip covered with fine golden sand. The seabed is also sandy, mostly starting with shallow stretches suitable for inexperienced swimmers. Nevertheless, caution is needed when entering it, as the open nature of the area and the waves constantly change it.

The endless stretch of sand is also of variable geometry, constantly changing from the waves, but for the most part it is very wide and allows you to enjoy your contact with nature.

Photos from the beaches north of Krapets

How to get to Krapets beach

The former Karvuna campsite is reached by an asphalt road in decent condition. From the campsite entrance to the beach, turn right and drive only on a well-trodden road in the sand dunes.

From the beach of Camping Kosmos near Durankulak to the beach Krapets – North is also reached by a road that runs along the sand dunes in front of the Durankulak lake. It is more suitable for walking or cycling. If you are not in a high off-road car, you are likely to get stuck, so it is better to choose the main road to the beach north of Krapets.

The beaches south of Krapets

Just a few metres from the village and the Hotel Yanitza begins the sandy strip south of Krapets, lying under the loose shores and small groves by the shore. At the beginning, it is not very wide and is more suitable for those looking for solitude, but after only 2-3 km along the coast or the dirt road near it you reach the spacious sandy strip in front of the neighbouring village of Ezerets, best known for the large absolutely preserved bunker on it.

Photos from the beaches south of Krapets

From the bunker in front of Ezerets starts the wide sandy strip with pristine dunes in front of the Shabla lake, which continues for several kilometers to the Dobrudja camping. The sea in front of this beach also has a soft sandy bottom, but like Krapets North it is quite susceptible to the influence of waves and currents.

Photos from the beach in front of Ezerets and Shabla Lake

How to reach the beach in front of Ezerets

Just follow the main street of Krapets, which after the fishing village and the Janitsa Hotel turns into a dirt road that follows the coast south of Krapets. The dirt road is more suitable for bicycle and off-road vehicle. Another dirt road comes from the village of Ezerets, which is easy to find by turning off the main road and following the main village street and signs.

The beach near the fishing boats in the village

The village of Krapets is located on the very coast of the sea so if you don’t feel like travelling to the beaches to the north and south of it you can go to the beach in the village itself. By the fishing boats in the village to the north and south in front of the hotel Yanitsa are placed coastal protection facilities in front of which there is a narrow sandy strip that you can use. Although with less swell, the sea in front of the village itself is also changeable and this beach can disappear and re-emerge.

More information about the beaches near Krapets

When is the best time to go to the beach in Krapets?

Most interest in the beaches of Krapets is during the holiday month of August, but even then there will be somewhere to stretch your towel without the neighbor’s kid throwing sand on your head. The month of July is very suitable in terms of air and water temperature and excitement. Depending on the weather, there are some nice days in June and September, but in general these months, along with May, are better suited to walking by the beach than tanning and swimming in the sea.

When is the highest sea water temperature in Krapets?

In general, the sea water on the beaches near Krapets is a bit colder than the bays of Albena, Golden Sands and Varna, which is due to the open coasts of the region and the constant currents. The water is at its warmest in July and August, and depending on the direction of the winds and currents, days with quite warm water in the sea can also be observed in June and September.

Are the beaches near Krapets safe?

Until recently, there was only a small guarded section on Krapets-North beach. The rest of the huge beach of Krapets and the region is unguarded except for the beach of Dobrudja camping near Shabla.